“Nutritech System” has from March 2017 signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the UK company “INTRACROP” (www.intracrop.co.uk), covering Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and Caucasus republics.

The signing took place in “Nutritech’s” head office in Moscow. Present from “Intracrop” market director Iwan Jenkins and Technical manager Duncan Finlay.

“Intracrop” has more than  40 years of experience in developing  effective and environmentally friendly adjuvants for various usage. Organic adjuvants for soil applicate herbicides, anti-drift adjuvants, effectivity enhancing adjuvants for herbicides and fungicides, pH and hard water regulators, anti-foam agents etc.

Products can be supplied in 1, 5, 10 and 20 liters packaging for small and big customers alike.

“Nutritech System” is happy to offer another product line in the agricultural technology to enhance the effect of our specialty fertilizers and plant protection for various cultures as well as increasing yield and reducing losses in the fields.