NUTRITECH SYSTEM has for more than 10 years been a leading regional force in providing the latest technology in specialty fertilizer products in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

We supply water soluble plant nutrition products for field crops, greenhouse cultures, fertigation on open field, orchards etc.

We also provide the latest technology plant physiology products like bio stimulators, stress relief products, correctors for deficit of macro- and micro elements, prophylactic products for enhancing resistance against deceases.

We work with the leading companies in the plant nutrition business, companies with access to the best raw materials, the most advanced technologies and years of experience, together developing the different markets in our region.

All of this can be summed up in our company slogan “helping nature”.

In a time of rapidly changing climatic and economic conditions we are providing solutions for intensive growing, giving big and small farmers in different markets and crops the tools to get more yield and quality out of each hectare of land.

For your convenience you will find buttons for your country, annotating our supply partners, the products we market, local distributors and other useful information.